Free 5 Point Website Analysis

Has your website not been as successful as you think it could be and hoped it would be?

Tidal Web Online Marketing Services Cloud

While we aren't miracle workers, Tidal Web is been in business for over 17 years and has been built hundreds of websites. Our experts are happy to use their experience to take a look at your website as well as your online marketing and social media efforts to see where any problems might lie and where there is potential for greater success. You are welcome to take our analysis and recommendations and use them in good health. However we are also able to provide you with information and pricing on how Tidal Web can help you. But we promise, NO HARD SELL here. We don't like pushy sales reps that contact you non stop and try to get you to buy either so we won't do it to you!

Your free "5 Point Website Analysis" will include the following areas

Website Structural Analysis

Incomplete or broken code that was used to design your website can often impede search engines from crawling your it correctly and thoroughly. There are a lot of important SEO factors that you need to keep in mind when looking at the actual code structure of a website such as title tags, keyword placement, appropriate use of HTML tags as well as page load time and how well your website formats to various mobile devices.

Content analysis

The major search engines continue to move towards more of a conversational search where they look for direct answers to the questions people are asking. Your website needs to have deep, specific content to match those relevant answers to these longer search queries. People ask search engines questions and your content should reflect specific answers to those questions. Google will appreciate your efforts and reward you with much higher search engine ranking. Your content should be comprehensive and updated frequently

Marketing Analysis

Having a clear call to action when someone ends up on your website is vital to converting visitors to leads or sales. Your website needs to have focus and be designed with content first allowing your visitors to follow the optimal path to conversion. We will also take a look at any analytics or any data that you have already collected to see what we can learn from where your traffic comes from and what factors have lead to success and which ones end up just burning excess time and money.

Like any traditional brick-and-mortar business, online businesses also need upkeep, advertising budgets and great customer service to succeed. Tidal Web can make recommendations on ways to increase your availability for customers as well as how to market your business in ways that you may not have thought of. Pay per click advertising has been a tremendous help to a lot of businesses when they are struggling to get visibility in search engines in competitive markets. Social media has also been able to dramatically increase awareness of businesses in a whole new way especially when targeted to correctly.

Local Visibility

For businesses that serve primarily local customers, being properly listed in the ever growing list of directories and review networks can be vital. Google and Bing both have their own areas for businesses serving customers in specific areas to list their information. Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Facebook and countless other networks can help and hurt businesses if not set up correctly. We can tell you where you need some help and identify opportunities to reach new customers.

SEO and Competition

We can quickly identify your competition as well as what search queries and referral sources are driving large amounts of traffic to their websites. By reverse engineering what they have done you can duplicate their efforts and build upon them.