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Responsive Web Sites

Approximately 40% of the traffic to websites in the United States is from a mobile phone, tablet or other non-PC device. Responsive websites, and Tidal Web, solve the problem of having your content look awesome on all platforms. No tiny text, stripped-down mobile websites to be found here!

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Effective Online Marketing

If you just want to make sure that your website will be easily found in search engines, set up some PPC ads and get listed in local directories, we can help. But if you need a more thorough ongoing social media and content creation campaign . . . we can help you as well

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Mobile E-Commerce Websites

if your e-commerce website does not function properly on mobile devices or tablets, you are eliminating 30 to 50% of your potential customers from purchasing from your website. We can solve this problem. Our shopping cart sites are mobile friendly and robust.

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One Site to Rule Them All!

Since the beginning of the commercial internet, we have been viewing websites primarily on desktop or laptop computers. Some people had more advanced mobile phones and PDAs that could load a very stripped down and often out dated copy of your website. Those times are over!

30-40% of the visitors coming to the average website in the United States are using a mobile device. That can be anything from an iPad or iPhone to a Kindle or Nexus tablet. There is also another segment of users who view your website on devices such as TV screens, handheld gaming systems and new internet connected devices that are coming to market all the time.

Tidal Web has embraced the newest technology in building websites called Responsive Web Site Design. Being responsive simply means that the same website that your visitors come to on their glorious 24 inch computer can dynamically reformat itself to be viewed on a 5" Android smartphone. No endless zooming and scrolling or stripped down mobile sites here. Tidal Web's responsive website designs reformat themselves for portrait and landscape views on mobile devices. Tiny text links become big button buttons that are a welcome site for sore thumbs. All this happens instantly!

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